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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 3, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> don lemon in new york. >> thank you very much, i appreciate that. it is midnight the east coast, this is cnn tonight, a special edition, about breaking news, america, meet your republican nominee. donald trump. ted cruz ends his campaign. making trump the presumptive nominee. and what do indiana's results mean to the rest of the race? we talk about all of that it my political dream team here with me. the campaign manager for hillary clinton. and cnn political commentators.
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we have a lot of people, who they supported, they say, i don't know at this point. we will get to the dream team in a moment. jim to you, i guess, good morning to both of you, jim, a huge win for donald trump, and now, the presumptive nominee. what is he saying tonight? >> first of all, don, we have to recognize, this is the first time since dwightizen dwightize ooezen hour eisenhower. to get to this point. it is an incredible feat, you have to give him credit for this. he knocked off ted cruz in the
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indiana primary. a contest that senator said that he needed to win. he couldn't win the state of indiana. donald trump is presumptive nominee. this afternoon, he was going after ted cruz, suggesting that his father was somehow involved in the kennedy assassination. it was a different donald trump earlier at trump tower, he came out and talked to supporters, he described ted cruz for being brave. it came as a surprise to everybody. there was contacts, between high level officials inside the campaign this was happening. by and large, it was a surprise. ted cruz is getting out. donald trump sounded gracious, in thanking ted cruz for getting
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out of race. here is what he had to say. >> all of my life, i am have been in competitions, district competitions, in sports or business, or now. for politics. i have to tell you, that i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against. right here, on the republican party. we started off with 17 number. just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, he is one hell of a competitor it he is a tourvegs smart guy. he has got an amazing future. he has got an amazing future. so, i want to congratulate ted. i know how tough it is.
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it is tough. i have had moments where it was not looking so good. and it is not a great feeling. so, i understand how ted feels, and heidi and their beautiful family. it wanted to say, one tough competitor. and now, despite the fact that he is the presumptive nominee, he will continue to campaign. i talked to a trump official, it was a candid statement. they will continue to campaign. guess what, they get a lot of free air time when they go out and campaign. why would they pay for it? isn't words of one campaign official. candid. >> he went back to his days of his bro-mance with ted cruz. he insulted so many of his
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former rivals, how does he unite the party? >> i think that is a very big test for donald trump. i talked to donald trump jr. about this. this is a tall order for the real estate tycoon. can he bring the republican party together? throughout much of this campaign, he took out competitors by referring rubio as little marco, and lion ted. we won't hear those expressions. we asked donald trump jr., he said, yes, his father can get the job done. here is more. >> you think it is possible for your father to reunite the party? >> i think the answer is 100%. there has been a lot of protectingly the system and the old establishment. i understand that a big part of the message is letting the
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people have a voice, giving them that voice and letting them be heard. loud and clear. politics have to start listening to the people for a change. >> i have to tell you, this came as such a shock. standing next to them, and the manager brought in to work on the delegate process, he was saying that it was such a surprise that donald trump, tweets to remarks he was going to make. a loot of people inside the trump campaign didn't see it coming from ted cruz. now, this is donald trump's republican party. what he does with it over the next several months, may have a big influence on how he turns
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out and performs later on in the fall. in the general election campaign. >> it was a surprise, beyond the trump campaign. ted cruz gave this race all he had. this was his fire wall in the end. listen to a clip from the concession speech. >> from the beginning, i said i would continue on, as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say, it appears that path has been foreclosed. together, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it evening that we have got. but the voters chose another path. so, with a heavy heart, but with
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boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> i told you, it was a surprise. the people, oh, no. and now what does he support donald trump? >> that is the question hanging over him right now. as he left, his last campaign of his event. as he got in the car with his family. heading back to his hometown of houston. i asked, will you support donald trump? he would not take that question. smiled, waved and drove away. senator cruz will make his feeling known on this, whatever direction it means, the wounds of the campaign are still very raw. aides admit they felt donald trump crossed the line, attacking his wife, heidi cruz,
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the back and forth today, trump going after his father. that struck a chord, according to campaign aides, this will be the question that only in march, when i asked him, if he was going to be supporting donald trump going forward. he said, back then, i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my family. it will be interesting to see the decision he makes going forward. >> mr. john king is here at the magic wall. good to see you. discuss the numbers, indiana turned out to be critical. breakdown the numbers for us. how did he win? >> it turned out to be a blow-out. look at it right now. 97%, donald trump, beating kasich and cruz combined. look at the map. as you noted, this was ted cruz's fire wall. i have to win or we are at the edge of a cliff.
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some of the counties that he won, he barely won them. indiana sent them a message, hereof is what you have now, come to the east. look how well he did. kasich, up in maine. ted cruz got the message. donald trump is over a thousand, well on his way. ted cruz, knew that losing momentum, and the math, and he was not going to be able to compete in a big way out in california. ted cruz deciding to get out tonight. think about his future. making donald trump the presumptive nom neempt we will fill them n john kasich is not say say happy, us saying he is the presumptive nominee. >> what does it mean for 1237?
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well on the way? will he do it? >> yes, who will beat him in california? switch to the republican race. clear it out through june. john kasich, was going to win new mexico. i don't think he can bet on that donald trump, leading in oregon. if he stays in the race that long. gets trump at 1143. this is a 70-30 split. even with a seven-30 trump is over the line. that gave cruz states in the west. now that he is not in t trump will win those as well. pennsylvania, unbound delegates. these are gone. forget about it. it is over. >> moving on to democrats, bernie sanders won tonight, does it change the math? >> not a lot. it is easier to do it this way.
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no offense to senator sanders, he won in indiana, hillary clinton will end the night with a 300 delegate lead. 933 left. you can do it at home. 900 and something left. more than 60%. higher than that can he do it? sure, if he can run the board, he won't catch up to her. do this for the sake of argument. if you come out of this map. i will give you the democrats, take the super delegates off the map. see where we are. for the sake of argument, saying this is never going to happen.
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the clinton campain will tell you, we are not going to lose california. i think i forget how to use this thing. the clinton campaign thinks they are going to win in new jersey, if you look at the surrounding areas, clinton will win others too t new jersey, she is out here. unless sanders can run the board, i haven't brought in hillary clinton's secret weapon. they'm super delegates get her across the finish line. candid on the interview, he has a narrow path and hope these people switch. is it probable? no. >> you know what my next question is, if you put them together, what happens?
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>> 332 for president obam aan electoral college landslide. the democratic campaign could be a sanders campaign. assume it is trump/clinton for the sake of this one. donald trump says, i will change pennsylvania. hasn't happened since 1988. say he does it recreate the so-called ring of demthe kras and get michigan. if donald trump did that it would be huge. not enough. 295. republican, 242. no republican in our lifetime, not in the history, assume donald trump lost that primary to kasich. even then, he loses the presidency. pick another one, ted cruz won wisconsin, you do it here. giant if, underline it.
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if donald trump could do that he would be the next president of the united states. if hillary clinton didn't change happen. they think that maybe, just maybe, you could put arizona in play. you heard this argument before. argument with conservatives. say, a small percentage of conservatives stay home in georgia. can't do it. can't vote for trump, and hillary -- would you put it in play. this is the calculations, it is early to talk about it. this is what will go on at trump headquarters. inside the clinton campaign, how do we stretch these? we know this. if you look at the demographics, you have to say advantage, hillary. we are saying tonight, donald trump will be the nominee of the
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political party. because of her lead among african americans and women. >> change the rules, shift expectations. enter with a democratic advantage. and expect a nasty, competitive race. >> some were saying he would never get to 1237, you are saying it is going to happen now. >> yes. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. now, bringing in the executive editor, mark press ton. >> indiana was supposed to be fertle ground for ted cruz. >> first, he was unable to move up the evangelical vote rz. donald trump was able to appeal
9:17 pm
to him with the message. not only in indiana, we saw it earlier. the neighborly to get evangelical. ted cruz makes a deal to go campaign elsewhere. they didn't like that plan. it looked like in fact, it didn't work in his favorite. and the most personality one -- when i say that donald trump was able to portray himself as an opds er was seen as the insider. >> donald trump wases to unify the party now.
9:18 pm
>> you have seen mark, a top-ranking campaign aid said he will vote for hillary clinton. the wounds will heal among republicans, and get behind trump. to marshall up everybody in the republican party so well down here. >> now, there are, there will be a segment on the republican party. and decides to stay in. >> by the way, sitting down with wolf blitzer on wednesday. you can see the interview on the situation room. much more to k as my political dream team weighs n you will get a chance to talk. a big night in indiana, what it means for the race for the white house.
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the political dream team. well, well, well, here we are. did you guys ever think we would be here? >> yes. >> this fast though? >> get you some prozac? >> what makes you think i am not on prozac already? >> if i didn't have to work together, i would be curled up in bed. don lemon, we were having his argument for a year. >> the lottery numbers and call it a day. >> i tell you why, i haven't seen a campaign like this since 2008. barack obama, then candidate obama was running. people come up and say, i like
9:24 pm
this guy. i want to vote for this guy. so many fights with democrats, lost friends, they thought i supported donald trump, telling them what i thought i saw coming. is that a bad assessment? >> people appreciate about donald trump, he stormed on the scene, said things people were taken aback by. now, they someone to say it, going back to george bush, a great president, people were frustrated and never defended himself, never addressed media criticism. mccain felt he didn't take it the way he wanted to. >> you think he can unite the
9:25 pm
republican party? >> they have to support their candidate for the republican party? >> no, i don't. i think people who put country before party. republicans will be faced with tough choices it is about, which is the least of the evils? who do i dislike less? a man who i think is unstable less? or a woman who i think is untrustworthy less? a hell of a choice. if you don't like donald trump and you don't like hillary clinton, let it shake down a bit. i think both of them have to do a lot to earn the votes of those disenfranchised republicans, maybe trump can prove. maybe hillary can prove she say different person in general. i would say, dough meant trigger happy decisions tonight. let the two folks compete
9:26 pm
vigorously. we are in for a hell of a ride. buckle up, folks. >> first of all, you don't have to be -- there is that. >> the bartender is the last one there. >> i think that right now, there is a bit of shock. >> it is too soon. don. too soon. i do think that you will see manufacture an open minded nsz, as time goes on, from the gop. there is, i know some of these people well. and personally. considerable followings, i don't think they will move. how large is the persuadable portion of the g.o.p. upon. less than half of g.o.p. voters voted for trump in the first
9:27 pm
place. there is a huge swamp, maybe i will get behind this trump guy. >> right, he has an opportunity to really reach out. >> i think -- >> in fact, it shouldn't change donald trump. if anything that has been on his side, is the fact that he is not part of that establishment and that washington structure. he made it work in his favor
9:28 pm
much we have seen, he has speech writers, we have seen he has more perspective a structure. we don't see him changing as an attacker. >> donald trump is not going to change. he is who he is. for better or worse. what will change is the republican party. i think the best is goldberg, 1964, back in 1964, he withheld as many people he brought into the party, and a long time since he absorbed, there is a lot of issues that popular at the elite level. they will have to say, this guy won the popular vote. the voters have been telling you, you are doing it wrong. many will rethink trade.
9:29 pm
and entitlement reform. >> it is more likely, in the near future. hoosier daddy, news day. dearly beloved we are gathered here today to morn the g.o.p. so, broken convention, everyone is going in there. the deal making. if trump or clinton emerged from that, it will be too close to general election, bad blood. huge problem. now, at least you have some prayer of possibility.
9:30 pm
>> i don't know. >> i was going to say, i think that i don't know for sure, they knew that they had a base that was poplar, i don't know if the younger voters. >> exactly. we will discuss it after this break. #
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donald trump, is now the party's presumptive nominee. now back with me my political dream team. i will go to you 50. three quarters of voters say, if they were casting a ballot in support of their candidate, against their opponent, voters wanted trump. >> that sure did. that tells you that maybe it will be easier for trump to win some of the people have suggested. on the other hand, a huge victory in indiana. it wasn't like they were trump supporters anyway. >> were you surprised? in the speech, we won the evangelicals, that it was supposed to be cruz's bread and butter. >> we saw what happened, going for trump in large numbers. the reason for that t fascinating we have seen, interviews and pauly. donald trump does not share their beliefings, but will stand up for their beliefs. that is a wide spread conception, the team thought it would be similar to wisconsin. that was the game plan. in inen in almost every state. you can't win women. among recently women, he is vining. ask ryan about it, on 74%. in favor of a candidate, instead of against a candidate. that is a complete redirection, most people when they go to the polls, excited to voitd for someone not negativity. >> got more than the other guys, that is in indiana, donald trump t running against ted cruz. press created events, then all failed. she was supposed to give him a bump, he fell with a thump it transgender, took it too far.
9:38 pm
>> why do you think he read everything so wrong? >> he could not break out of of the original lane he set for himself. worked at iowa, after he left iowa. and trump won. the strategy on the democratic side, can donald trump -- >> with all due respect, women, all women, nationally, he is at 7% negative.
9:39 pm
i find it interesting that he is trying to frame the general -- his history of demgreating women, i believe that take it into consideration. it is not about opposition. 41% nationally. 47%. >> honestly. exactly. women turned out that do not like hillary clinton. >> we will be back. # show me movies with romance.
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a big night in indiana. bernie sanders beats hillary clinton. cruz drops out. and the life of hillary rodham clinton. good evening to you, good morning, carl. donald trump, can he unite the party? >> perhaps, within reason. i think we are looking at a election, including the usual breakdown, we are dealing with two huge importants, who have the biggest negatives, two candidates going into a general election, assuming hillary will be the nominee. they are despised by many within their own party. i think where we are headed is ugly, unprecedented campaign, in which celebrity culture may be
9:44 pm
more important than ideology. huge celebrities, he played in the celebrity sandbox forever, as soon as hillary clinton, and t.m.z., new media will a place in this. >> talk about this voters in indiana, and the on tuesday, this is what the primary polls they say the nomination process has been fair. is donald trump has been magnificently successful in understanding, before any of his opponents that bernie sanders has been successful of this. the lack of trust and faith.
9:45 pm
there are many people subscribe to that belief. talking about expanding to the point where there may be a screw you vote, about the process, he could be the beneficial -- all bets are off. we are. >> i see a lot of head nods, my dream team is draeing with you.
9:46 pm
sanders is saying he will go on to the convention. a lot of insiders, and what are the odds that- -- talked to wouldn't you they say they think trump has 25% to beat clinnon. we may be underestimating the
9:47 pm
delegates, one more chink in her armour. jump is going to make a huge issue. it -- >> if it blew up to the point of explosion, i believe there will be an indictment. one of the reasons why he is staying in. off chance, some report by the fab devastating to the what she did was an act of restlessness.
9:48 pm
there is no go up to the fbi, and give a straight explanation. it is all part of this distrust, remember, donald trump has an awful record. in terms of his business. >> took the words out of my mouth. i have to take a break. thank you. what will debate
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9:53 pm
what does that mean? >> a lot of her -- >> i think obama has won two campaigns, it is start to have those who won helping her. they think he is -- three million more votes than sanders. she is -- doing pretty well. >> they feel it should be wrapped up already. >> 500 super delegates pledged in august 2016.
9:54 pm
bench right now, statistically. we need -- >> i have a bit of an issue. with any, bring young people. bern bernie why did bernie sanders people get so upset? not saying it can't happen. something we haven't been talking about, by june.
9:55 pm
it coming down to you knew that hillary clint on and against their own district. lobby e lobbiest, that it was music to your ears. >> private e-mails, she donald trump in the debates, will be
9:56 pm
able to make -- >> there is a difference. clinton created the wall -- we have another show to devote to this. we will be right back. talking about donald trump.
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1:00 on the east coast, this is a special cnn tonight, breaking news, a huge victory for donald trump. cruz, dropping out of the race.
10:01 pm
and bernie sanders beats hillary clinton. what comes next in a race full of surprises. my dream team is here. >> feeling the burn during the break. >>. >> kayli supports donald trump? >> i still do. >> we will get into the dream team. >> donald trump caught off guard
10:02 pm
that cruz was dropping out of the race. the senator described indiana as a must win. the entire family were shocked, as they watched the announcement. trump sounded gracious, praised cruz for getting out of the race. a contrast to what he said about him earlier in the day. >> cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart, guy. he has got an amazing future. he has got an amazing future. i want to congratulate ted. >> and made the pivot to the general election, said he was ready to take on hillary clinton, and reached out to
10:03 pm
african american and hispanic voters in his remars, he said he will continue on with stops planned for west virginia and nebraska. >> now, ted cruz put it all on the line and came up short. it had to be a tough night for him. >> a very tough night for him. a top aide to senator cruz said it was a personal decision that cruz realized he had no viable path forward. at his concession speech made no mention of donald trump. will he put his support behind donald trump? i asked him this as he left with his family going home to houston. he would not take the question. aides say they believe in due time, he will make his views and
10:04 pm
feelings xwoep. i think it is an understatement to say the wounds are raw for him. he believed that trump crossed the line, going after his wife, and father, something that struck a chord with senator cruz. that is the question that has haunted his campaign in the waining months and days. he told me in march, he was not in the habit of supporting anyone that attacks his family. that will be the question going forward. >> appreciate that i want to bring in the executive editor, mark preft op. good morning, mark. >> the road is littered with people who underestimated donald trump. now, he is the presumptive nominee. what stoods out for you? >> well, the speech. ted cruz coming out. saying he was getting out of the
10:05 pm
race. everyone watching me on tuesday said there is no way ted cruz will get out of race. throw away the tapes, i was wrong. >> did you hear that? >> all of them, said the same thing. we were all surprised. you have a club. >> he had what now appears to be a breaking point moment in the campaign. earlier in the day. he went after donald trump personally, and called him every name in the book. we should have used it as a warning sign that campaign had gotten to ted cruz, and gotten to his family. you have to look at donald
10:06 pm
trump, not using one slur at all against any of his former rivals, and actually, kind things of ted cruz. this is the donald trump continues to deliver a message, but doesn't do it, using razors and sharp knives, that could be problemattic for democrats. he gave a huge speech because he didn't use a slur. >> he said -- >> the question is.
10:07 pm
it is a steam roller now. >> with that said, grading him on a curve. he has high negative marks, minorities, how does it play out in general? >> well, a couple of things. one. normally, in a presidential race, it does take it off track for a second. we saw house democrats come out immediately. come out and said he was the presumptive nom nee, house democrats said that everybody, every running candidate has a running mate, donald trump. offensive words and slurs he has used. going forward, donald trump has a lot of fences to mend.
10:08 pm
and put down his twitter accounted, iphone, whatever he has, he needs to draw himself back in. he has been open. >> you think he can do that? >> you know what? i don't know. >> i don't know. sglf he tweets without drinking. >> you know, the bottom line is, if he does, he becomes more formidable than if he doesn't. some of the things he has said about women. stupid. one of the worst card he has played in the last seven days, is that hillary clinton is using the woman card. i don't find it offensive. women deserve equal pay, what
10:09 pm
have you. >> what is the take-away for the democrats? >> bernie sanders. we heard it on the air tonight. as thed cruz was getting out of a race, i got an immediate call saying, we are going on to philadelphia. hillary clinton and her campaign has to do more to reach out it has been a campaign that really, the bright lights, hillary clinton, we assume will be the nominee. wants to move past -- >> one is that she should try to
10:10 pm
have a meeting with bernie sanders. >> why do that, he still believes that he has a shot. he has something to prove. you heard it tonight. >> keep your friends close, enemies closer. >> he is talking about trying to flip 700 delegates to go his way. you know, it forces everyone to cast a vote. >> it is not about bernie sanders, it is about more than i told you. nobody wants to deal with mauth. mark will remember this it when you went to bernie sanders'
10:11 pm
rallies in iway, new hampshire, the second choice was donald trump. it wasn't hillary clinton. she is trying to get him out of the race. >> even though bernie sanders is inside the political process as senator. people are sick of the system. >> access that later. i want to give mark the final word. >> what i would say to that. >> mark, go ahead, it is 11 in the morning.
10:12 pm
>> here is the deal. it is bernie sanders supporters. i find it hard to believe, that thank you, mark, appreciate it. wednesday, you can see the interview in the situation room. (announcer) need to hire fast?
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10:17 pm
>> we feel great about the night. not only here in indiana, and delegates, gapes the momentum. we need to take us to the finish line. once we have done in this campaign is good for the democratic party. and higher voter turn-out. >> good for the democratic party. he said finish line at the bng of that? he is a zoombie candidate. >> kentucky, west virginia, and california. >> don't you think tonight, the
10:18 pm
big news, democrats, on one hand saying -- he is so unpredictable. >> i think he has done a lot of help already. they have been doing that since august. enough is enough t donald trump is now in.
10:19 pm
>> in the democratic side. it is rock, paper, scissors. a guy who will attack. i think she has become a better made a big splash with a beautiful convention speech. this is a 74-year-old. at this stage of the game.
10:20 pm
she is a vulnerable candidate. >> i am not saying that bernie sanders hasn't run a fam nfan - >> not going to win the super --
10:21 pm
>> we have young people, overwhelming, 80% of those under 40. it is teens are judged that is for democratic party to decide. here is now elevel -- what happens next will test the
10:22 pm
character for all of us. i chb what side on am on, i will fight my heart out, to make sure th that -- >> if she. >> here is the thing. she is trying, like the it is
10:23 pm
reput a temporary all the rest of it, they think they. >> persuade them when -- they don't care that e after the break, we will talk about that.
10:24 pm
kwlr does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
10:25 pm
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10:27 pm
. donald trump wins the indiana republican primary. ted cruz ends his campaign. and bernie sanders however you want to see it. results all night. in support of their candidate,
10:28 pm
rather than against his opponent, you say that this was key to trump's win? >> absolutely. this is first, hard to get behind another candidate whose only message is sloet for me. he was asking for people to support him to this is similar to the sone we had to vote.
10:29 pm
you have been out on the. >> i think the biggest inquiry from a primary candidate. he is about to become the presidential nominee it without having submit gonnen. in doing well, whether it is not hispanics, and women, i think a bringing it people me high
10:30 pm
defeat clinton, where will all that anger go? >> that is an sprnt question. talking for weeks now. watching twitter tonight, was watching it play out in real life. in more so, i will support donald trump, never trump means never clmpt we are still in
10:31 pm
this. we still need. earlier, we saw a top advisor saying if it was trump or hillary, he would go for harsh. some want fo pick up on. >> i am going to you. during his victory speech. everybody wants jobs. he memgzed every minor iity i
10:32 pm
think the dishing are better thanud beyond repair. 27%. i think he can get other vote. >> i don't think it is diverse. >> the african american community badly hurt by the
10:33 pm
oba obama. >> yesterday. >> donald trump is is that donald trump is going to he has driven people to the drolls.
10:34 pm
>> he is not. that is not going to happen. >> to the point, he can win candidate is up there. >> yes, i spent a week, traveling both in coming up saying they may support needs to
10:35 pm
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10:37 pm
10:38 pm
. >> and working families get ahead here at home. donald trump is not prepared to do neither. he is too decisive, with so much
10:39 pm
at stake, donald trump is too much of a risk. >> that was probably the kindest thing we will hear from the clinton campaign to this point. the bottom line, it will be an incredible lot of money coming into this race. you will see a lot of democratic groups that will try to frame him early on and knock him out. seems to be the best. getting close to november. will donald trump has the support we are close enough to rally around.
10:40 pm
able to. >> here is what he said. we unite. >> as i was saying, i think there was he has made her a better candidate, that is true. she is going to run against a poplas in a primarily. >> same question to you. >> i don't think it is over. i think that bernie sanders has nothing to lose.
10:41 pm
if the they thought 245i would have a shot at the white house. pushing forward, he said, you know, indiana is over. i think she has moved on. it would be malpractice not to
10:42 pm
move. the following is, bernie keeps. i said earlier. when a campaign looks like a deflated balloon. some tough losses, yes, he is getting tens of valleys. >> half the party. disenfranchised from this. >> once you open it up. look at that, it killingly it.
10:43 pm
he wins. >> i think we are all wrong. >> we think that hillary is not on the con --she ispending, upwards of $50,000. in the next couple of days to, try to win seven.
10:44 pm
>> these are extremely important. yes, there is going to a probably in a better spot h. the last three tuesday, this will be the most important tuesday, you
10:45 pm
are right. >> you are one of my favorites. >> we will be right back. thank you, mark. appreciate it. don'don't go to la, don't go to tokyo. live there. "come in, come in"
10:46 pm
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10:49 pm
ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. sglp when they get on stage in front of viewers. i think that donald trump will be more clear, he will have specifics, i can't believe i am saying that.
10:50 pm
specifics on policy. and look it it clearly, he is a smart guy. >> barack obama is a charismatic figure. hillary clinton, we have seen how it played out against bernie sanders, the fact of the matter is, it is not just a likeable issue, it is more of a lot of charisma issue. donald trump. barely do we come out of a sound
10:51 pm
byte if there is rip roaring laughter, except for donald trump. >> controlled the process for decades now. i would not be surprised if donald trump said, you know that is run by washington insiders. why not have a debate every month? >> i think you are right. he could actually throw a hand grenade in and say it is an outsider organization. will he ask for less debates. two debates or goes straight to the networks himself.
10:52 pm
>> it will be interesting to see how donald trump feels with the woman factor on that stage. when hillary clinton was debating, sara palin was debating joe biden. it is something that every male candidate debating a female, how will i approach this it donald trump is a equal opportunity offender. he is color blind when it comes to attacking his opponents, i wonder how hillary clinton will be ready to come after him. she has a long record. 20 years of experience. not all of it is positive.
10:53 pm
really good sound bytes. that is a big issue. >> he talked about the carnage left over. >> she will be like the professor we all fell asleep listening to. >> and bernie sanders.
10:54 pm
>> it doesn't seem to matter, when it comes to donald trump, nothing seems to stick. dealing with hillary clinton, she started to play the sexism card, he said, where were you when your husband was abusing women? >> if you go back and look at the primary debates. looking at his critics. his rivals, he had a look on his
10:55 pm
face. flip over, hillary clinton to bernie sanders. she was looking at him h she was a very good debater. as far as, you know, it would be interesting to see what happens. will donald trump go there in these debates. >> yes, he will go there. >> we will be right back.
10:56 pm
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10:59 pm
go to together, we're building a better california. so the discuss in the break is which gear would you like? i think carly fiorina and ted cruz was the collector's item here. >> i mean it's a breaking of the record for shortest v.p.
11:00 pm
candidate. >> four or five days. >> i think that's got to be worth something. >> thank you, panel. >> that's going to be a trivia question years from now. >> thank you, everyone. our coverage of the indiana primary and the 2016 presidential race continues right now with john vause and isha sesay in los angeles. this is cnn's continuing coverage of the indiana primary. >> ted cruz is out. donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee for president. >> it was a decisive victory for trump. 53% of the vote. a stinging defeat for ted cruz with 36%. john kasich trailing with just 7%. >> this gives trump 1,053 delegates. take a look. just 184 shy of what's needed to clinch the nomination. though cruz had insisted he'd stay in the race until the convention, tuesday night's results, well, they changed all of that.
11:01 pm
>> and so with a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> what ted did is really a brave thing to do and a great thing to do because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> well, on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in indiana with 52% of the votes. sanders picks up 43 delegates to clinton's 38. >> let's take a look at the delegate total right now. clinton on 2,217. sanders, 1,443. 2,383 are needed to win the democratic nomination. sanders says there is still, still a narrow path to victory. >> it's going to give us a great deal of momentum because i think there are many of the media like you and others who have decided that the campaign is over. well, i guess the people of
11:02 pm
indiana did not quite agree with that assessment. you know? [ cheers and applause ] >> and i think you may be surprised to find out that the folks -- and i'm not predicting. you know. i don't know what's going to happen. but the people in west virginia may not agree with that assessment. >> from our washington bureau, thank you for being with us. this was an extraordinary night in so many ways, least of all, that unexpected announcement from ted cruz that he is suspending his campaign, offensively handing the nomination to donald trump. >> you heard some of it in that clip, but watching ted cruz speak, it was clear that some of his supporters didn't actually know what was coming. you heard them sort of calling out "no" as he got to the part of his speech where he was going to suspend his campaign. it was really remarkable. we can now say donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee. that is definitely a turning point in this campaign. we've sort of been flirting with it for a few weeks now, but it's
11:03 pm
a done deal. essentially he's the presumptive nominee. john kasich is by all accounts staying in this race but mathematically out of it and showing no signs of somehow surmounting enough of a challenge to prevent donald trump from clinching the nomination, especially with ted cruz out. now they're are all these states that he might have played at least a spoiler role in that pretty much will go to donald trump, it looks like. so it really is a turning point on the republican side, and the republican party is going to have to come to terms with the fact that this candidate that has been so polarizing is now going to be their standard bearer. >> and, tal, turning to the democratic side of things, bernie sanders refusing to bow out. he obviously got the win in indiana tonight, but the math is still against him. he says he's going to fight on, which throws a monkey wrench in hillary clinton's plans to try and pivot to november. >> that's absolutely right. there were a lot of people sort of befuddled that it turns out we have a republican nominee before we have a presumptive democratic nominee. look, bernie sanders needs more
11:04 pm
pledged delegates than are actually left available on the board to actually clinch the nomination. but of course the democratic primary has super delegates, and hillary clinton appears to have many of them locked up. and there's absolutely no indication that any of them might change their mind. but bernie sanders can still claim that if she doesn't get there with just pledged delegates, which if he does well in some of the states coming up that we expect him too, he might be able to do, then it goes to the convention, and she needs those super delegates to actually lock up the nomination. again, there is no indication that he would turn any of those super delegates or enough of them, but he can claim that he still has that path to the nomination. so even as she's going to try to pivot to donald trump, she's going to have to continue fighting these primaries and, at the very least, there's a chance that she sort of limps into this convention on a losing strike instead of sort of riding high on a winning streak, which is exactly the optics any candidate would not want. >> tal, thank you.
11:05 pm
bringing us some details on what's happening on a very exciting night in politics. >> tal, appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> let's bring in andy dean, cnn political commentator. also wendy gruel. she's a hillary clinton supporter and a former los angeles council woman. andy, i think i saw you doing cartwheels down the hallway just a few moments ago. this is a big night for people like yourself, trump supporters. first of all, talk to me how he sealed indiana and basically went on to lock this thing up. >> right. a 17-point win in a state that was supposed to be friendly to ted cruz. it was supposed to be the firewall for ted cruz. he put all his eggs in one basket. then for donald trump to win by double-digits, it's no surprise that ted cruz had no choice but to drop out. and hopefully john kasich will get the picture because at this point, he really is embarrassing himself. i mean he's a sitting governor of ohio, taking a paycheck from the people of ohio. yet he's touring the country on some sort of bizarre -- it would
11:06 pm
seem to be a book tour, but he's not selling his book. i don't know what we're seeing. >> wendy, are you surprised that hillary clinton hasn't locked this nomination up yet but donald trump has? >> well, i think hillary clinton has done an extraordinary job across this country in winning, as we see, the majority of those delegates, not only the pledged delegates but the super delegates that have committed to her. and i think she's one of those that's a fighter and she has never taken anything for granted and is going to come here to california, and we're going to work hard to make sure she wins california. >> it's now official because the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus tweeted this out, donald trump will be the presumptive gop nominee, we all need to unite and focus on hillary clinton. #neverclinton. in his victory speech just a few hours ago, donald trump went out of his way to praise priebus. listen to this. >> i want to thank and congratulate the republican national committee and reince priebus, who i just spoke to. he's doing a tremendous job. it's not an easy job.
11:07 pm
when he had 17 egos, and now i guess he's down to one. i don't know. is there a second? is there a second? i don't know. >> maybe one very big ego. andy, is that the plan now for donald trump to start being nice to everybody? >> right. i think he's being gracious in the sense that ted cruz is a tough competitor. he wanted to acknowledge that. there were 17 very tough competitors, and i think priebus did a very good job in navigating what is not an easy situation. the good news is it's may 4th and we've got two and a half months until the convention. that's a big deal. so to have that kind of prep time to make sure trump gets the right v.p. pick is a wonderful thing. >> just because reince priebus calls on the party to fall in line and unite behind trump doesn't mean that's necessarily going to happen. >> i think the people have spoken in the sense that trump has millions of more votes than ted cruz. he's dropped out. john kasich is running fourth behind marco rubio.
11:08 pm
john kasich is running fourth in a two-man race right now. i think it's only a matter of time before the party puts pressure on him, and the people as well. he'll be out soon. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is facing a simil similar problem that trump is. donald trump has to convince the establishment to get behind him. hillary clinton has to convince those young rebellious voters who signed onto to bernie sanders's revolution. they may not want to support, you know, steady as she goes. >> she does very well when you look at some of those numbers in comparison to trump with some of those young people and particularly among women. when you look at the numbers, that 29% of the women who support trump and the rest of the women do not support him and are scared of that candidacy. so i think it is important when you look at the numbers. she is far ahead on those issues, which are important to families and about breaking down those barriers and really shalling the person who is going to solve some of the challenges we face in this country. >> are you one who feels the
11:09 pm
lodger sanders stays in the race the more he's harming her? >> i believe that hillary is a fighter. she's going to come to california and be able to say to the bernie sanders' supporters and others, i'm the person who is the most experienced to be president of the united states. >> we've had so many negatives with sanders staying in and the attacks continuing. >> as you've heard sanders say that he will support anyone against donald trump, and i do believe that hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee, and the numbers show it, that those individuals will understand how important it is to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> we've made the pivot to the general election. so, too, it seems donald trump and hillary clinton. trump actually took a swing at hillary clinton tonight in his victory speech. it was all about the issue of coal. >> and we're going to get those miners back to work, i'll tell you what. we're going to get those miners back to work. we're not going to be hillary clinton, and i watched her three
11:10 pm
or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers. and she was talking about she wants the mines closed, and she will never let them work again. >> and this was in response to when hillary clinton said all those coal jobs are going to go away. on the campaign trail in west virginia, coal country, hillary clinton had to apologize to a voter who confronted her about this. >> it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say, and i think that seems to be supported by the facts. i didn't mean that we were going to do it. what i said was, that is going to happen unless we take action to try to help and prevent it. >> when you have to start an answer by saying, what i meant to say, let me explain, you've lost. you're in trouble, right? >> well, i think, again, she is not afraid of having tough conversations. what you saw in that interaction
11:11 pm
was her explaining what happened, and you can look at the fact checks, which i have, that show that in fact it was part of a longer conversation. but more importantly, she had a plan that said $30 billion, last summer said these are the things we're going to do to build our infrastructure and to address some of the concerns where the coal jobs are being lost. whether you support coal or not, they're just not going to be there anymore. my grandfather was a coal miner. my relatives are coal miners. the jobs aren't there anymore. so you need to be able to provide jobs of the future. that's what hillary clinton is talking about. >> and the test is going to be how is he going to do that? it's all well and good for donald trump to stay on the stump as he did in his victory speech, we're going to get the coal miners working again. but as we move towards this general election, the question becomes how are you going to do some of these things you say you're going to do? >> a couple of facts about the coal mining business which maybe hillary clinton doesn't know because the tone in which she spoke of we're going to get rid of these coal people. right now when it comes to electricity in the united
11:12 pm
states, coal is the number one energy producer of that. so when people flick on a switch, the odds are coal is the one that powers that. there are over 70,000 people that work in the coal mining business in pennsylvania and west virginia. if she wants to talk about diversity in our energy portfolio, that's fine. but what hillary clinton really is talking about is global warming. the problem is she doesn't solve global warming because china and india are the true polluters. she can put the coal people out of business, but that doesn't fix the environmental problems. >> is this general election going to be a race to the bottom? >> all politics is a race to the bottom, so yes. it's a wonderful thing. >> i don't believe so. i think hillary clinton is going to be, as she always has, classy in the way she's going to address this and talk about the issues. >> race to the bottom. >> you're on the money, andy, i think. >> anzy, wendy, thank you. when we come back, donald trump finally has some kind words for ted cruz. from lyin' ted to a great
11:13 pm
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11:17 pm
from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say -- >> no! >> -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> and with that, the republican field of candidates is down to two. donald trump won convincingly in tuesday's indiana primary, 53% to ted cruz's 36%. john kasich, who says he's not dropping out, got just 7% of the vote. >> trump now has 1,053 delegates, less than 200 shy of winning the nomination. and for the democrats, bernie sanders took indiana over hillary clinton with 52% of the vote. that gives sanders 43 new delegates. >> overall, clinton still has a big lead in the total delegate count. she's at 2,217.
11:18 pm
2,383 are needed to win the democratic nomination. >> well, cnn's senior political analyst ron brownstein and dylan byers are now here in the studio. thank you for being here at this late, late, late hour. it never stops. donald trump has some press big obstacles to overcome in this general election. he has to win over all these groups that he alienated. he seemed to acknowledge that tonight in his victory speech. >> i won with women. i won with men. we won with hispanics. we won with african-americans. we won with every -- virtually every category. >> perhaps, though, the biggest issue he has is with women voters. >> and minorities both. the most common misconception in this campaign is donald trump is a teflon candidate who is not affected by any of the things he said. he was able to put together a
11:19 pm
winning coalition in the republican party, and it was not only deeper with his dominance among men and blue collar whites but also broader than any of his competitors. that was in the republican primary. he starts the general election facing historically high negatives among several groups, millenni millennials, non-white voters in the 80s, and women at around 70%. so he has big challenges to overcome, partly when you look at the fact that his negatives are highest among the groups that are growing the fastest in the electorate. he faces the challenge of the democratic -- what i calling the coalition of the ased ant, the groups that are growing, that are the core of the democratic coalition are the groups that are most resistant to him. that is what he has to try to begin to overcome. >> there's a big difference between saying that you're winning over all of these groups within the republican primary and actually winning them over in the general election. and, again, you look at those negatives. i mean among women, going up to 70% negatives in some polls. it's easy to say that you're winning over hispanics, that
11:20 pm
you're winning over african-americans in the republican primary where there aren't that many hispanics or african-americans. >> getting back to 2012, we had the romney campaign and the etch a sketch moment. you shake it up and start all over again. it didn't really work for romney. given that everything donald trump has said on the campaign so far, is that even possible? >> yeah. i mean, well, look, this goes back to what ron is saying. we seem to be so taken aback at how much progress donald trump has made despite all of these incendiary comments. but what's been happening is that for ten months, he's been building basically an oppo dump, an oppo folder for the hillary clinton campaign to use in a general election. that will be much more effective in a general election when you have so many again minority groups, when you have women, when you have all of these demographics who look at what he's said and are just totally appalled by that. >> i want to give you within calculation. giving the changing composition of the electorate, in the fin ort share of the vote grows in
11:21 pm
2016 along its historic trajectory and hillary clinton wins about the average of minority voters that democrats have won, which is about 80%, donald trump could win the same share of white men that ronald reagan won in 1984, and he'd still have to win 58% of white women to get to a majority. that's more than ronald reagan did -- i'm sorry. that's more than mitt romney did in 2012 at 56%. and he would have to do that while facing negatives today that are around 70%. so donald trump has proved to be a very skillful political operator. he is not one to get boxed into a corner. he is going to move, and he's going to disrupt this race in all sorts of ways. but the fact is that he begins in a deep hole in the general election that he will have to find ways to climb out of. not that he can't, but that is what he has to do. >> while he's in that hole, he seems to be demonstrating a different tone as we saw in that speech tonight. extending what would be an olive branch, if you will, to ted cruz. take a listen to what he said and give me your thoughts on
11:22 pm
what we're hearing here. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me. but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. >> okay. so let's just answer that question for donald trump, what ted cruz actually thinks of him. >> i tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. and in a pattern that i think is straight out of a psychology textbook. his response is to accuse everybody else of lying. >> i'm thinking we shouldn't be holding our breath for a cruz endorsement of trump. >> no. i kept waiting for him to quote, you know, mayor mccarthy, every word he ever said was a lie
11:23 pm
including and and the. not only what ted cruz said today about donald trump, which had more of the feel of kind of catharsis than strategy, it really did feel like he was going to get that off his chest before he got out of the race. look at mitt romney, the last republican nominee has said about donald trump. these are uncharted waters. now, there's going to be some unifying because republicans really don't like hillary clinton, and there will be a lot of pressure on people to fall in line. but i think when you saw today, for example, john mccain's former top aide tweeting that he's supporting hillary clinton, you're going to see particularly i think on the national security side a lot of prominent voices defecting from the ticket, and that's going to be a challenge for trump as he goes forward. >> we saw this from ted cruz today, throwing everything at the wall, this sort of last-minute pitch to try and win indiana. it was desperate. he went after fox news. he went after rupert murdoch and he went after roger ailes. listen to this. >> there is a broader dynamic at work, which is network executives have made a decision
11:24 pm
to get behind donald trump. rup rupert murdoch and roger ailes have turned fox news into the donald trump network, 24/7. now, ruper murdoch is used to picking world leaders in australia and the united kingdom, running tabloids, and we're seeing it here at home. well the consequence is for this nation. >> it's incredible because in the past cruz has gone after the media, it's worked for him. never really gone after fox news like that before. >> he was looking at the polls, the same polls we were all looking at and saying, look, it looks like i'm going to lose indiana, and i have to win indiana. so he went after fox news. he tried to make the case that, look, there is a republican establishment that's sort of in bed with the larger washington establishment. fox news represents that. if you're a true -- if you value the sort of conservative ideals that i stand for, you'll rally behind me, and you'll realize that they're the enemy. it was a last-ditch effort, but
11:25 pm
he had no other choice. for me, that's a guy who has nothing left to lose. and of course now he's lost whatever he had left to lose. >> he's got to unburden himself before he got off the stage. >> but i do think that was sort of a dangerous calculation because, look, he's already the outsider in the senate. fox news, come 2017 after this election is over, they're going to be players. he has burned whatever bridges he had left with that network. >> very quickly, bernie sanders is staying in the race, and he says it's good for the democrats. listen to this. >> any concern that by extending the democratic primary, that it's going to set democrats at a disadvantage? >> not at all. i have no doubt, zero doubt, that what we have done in this campaign, what we are doing now, and what we will do in the next six weeks is good for the democratic party, and it will result in a higher voter turnout. >> very quickly. >> there's no doubt he has a constituency. 26 days with exit polls.
11:26 pm
he's won voters under 30 in 24 of them. he's won non-college blue collar whites in every state outside of the south except ohio, but i think he is wrong. if you look at what's happening in the polling and hillary clinton's negatives and the perception of her among voters, i think there is no doubt that he is damaging her even if he is energizing the democratic base. he is taking a toll on her image with the public. >> i would just add what he's doing in my view is he's building his leverage for the convention. i've created a movement. i have certain values that i stand for. what can i win from the clinton campaign? what guarantees can i win from the clinton campaign in order for them to win my support? >> super delegates, sigh nar ra. >> yeah. ron and dylan, thank you. >> thank you. a break. when we come back, donald trump has a love-hate relationship with the new york tabloids. plus a california lawmaker warms up to the idea of a trump wall in his state. this one is to keep the candidate out, not illegal immigrants. do stay with us.
11:27 pm
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welcome back, everybody. wednesday's front cover of the new york post celebrating donald trump's decisive win in the indiana primary. the new york businessman is now the presumptive republican nominee. who's your daddy? >> daily news has a different take. they say it spells the death of the republican party. indiana, the so-called hoosier state, giving trump a decisive win in the republican primary. >> trump captured more than half the vote, 53%. cruz said he gave it everything he had, came up with 36%. >> the magic number of delegates to clinch is 1,237, and trump now has 1,053. that is less than 200 delegate as way. >> let's look at the democrats. bernie sanders took indiana, 52%
11:31 pm
of the voters. he told supporters he's turning out new voters and energizing them as well. with tuesday's win, sanders now has 1,143 delegates. hillary clinton, 2,217. joining us now here in l.a. is the vice chairman of the california democratic party, eric bauman. also here is james lacy, author of the book, tax i foreignia. joining us from sacramento, rob stutsman with the top strump campaign. i want to read out a statement we just received from the never trump campaign. they're pushing on with all of this. it reads, if nominated, he -- as in trump -- will lose in historic fashion, threat be down bat local campaigns and likely usher in a clinton presidency. this is indisputable when three out of four women view him negatively in solid red states like utah and mississippi are in play. rob, this it to you. what else can you do? >> we're going to press on here
11:32 pm
in california. chairman priebus we understand as declared trump the presumptive nominee. we still have the vote in california. john kasich has said he's pushing on, and we'll be encouraging california voters to stop and take a second look at this. they're going to get four weeks of looking at donald trump as their presumptive nominee, and we're going to hope they have some remorse and turn this thing around still before cleveland. >> james? >> rob, you're not going to raise any money. you're not going to get anybody that's going to donate anything substantial. you know, this whole cruz campaign that was supposed to be so great, the fact that cruz dropped out today shows that he just didn't have confidence in california. his so-called 41,000 volunteers, ron nearing talking about how they were organized for a year. you're not going to do any better than the cruz campaign can do, and the reality is that you're just, you know, going to speak on the media and try to get some free media because you're not going to have any funding to do anything. trump's on his way. he's unstoppable. that's the way it's going to be.
11:33 pm
>> unstoppable to what? the nomination? >> well, he's going to get the nomination. but the sooner that we pull together, the sooner that we pull together, the people like you and me work together, the more chance we're going to have to beat hillary clinton. that's the focus. >> sorry. this is billed as trump's last stand, the alamo if you like. trump went out of his way to talk about, that the barrage of negative ads that he was hit with in indiana. he said this a few hours ago in his victory speech. >> 60,000 negative ads, most of which are absolutely false and disgusting. and i said how can anybody endure this? >> eric, as a democrat, when you hear 60,000 negative ads, $8 million in one state, and it didn't make a dent, are you worried about that as a democrat for a general election? >> first of all, remember who you're talking to.
11:34 pm
you're talking to a republican primary electorate. you're not talking to a general electorate in america where black people and brown people and women who are of a progressive and liberal and even moderate mindset are part of it. and the reality is this. when donald trump is no longer in the republican party's border and real people have to discuss this, his sexist, misogynistic and racist commentary is going to come back to haunt him because most americans don't agree with his positions. most americans don't think the way he speaks is something that represents america in a good and positive way. >> james, to bring you in here, that point that was raised by rob, can he withstand the scrutiny? >> well, of course he can. this is almost a ridiculous argument. jeb bush's pac spent $30 million to $40 million saying exactly what you just said -- >> but he said it to republicans. >> so don't obscure the issue
11:35 pm
here, okay? i know you like to play that little game, but the reality is he said it to republicans because that's who was voting in the republican primary. >> there's been over $100 million spent -- you see, now, come on, let me talk. i have to deal with a democrat on one side and a republican on the other. they don't want to let a trump spokesman speak. >> all right. gentlemen, gentlemen. >> there's been over $100 million spent in negative ads on donald trump in this campaign for the whole time. the democrats are now going to try and spend another $20 million, basically repeating everything that's been said. that was reported in the news. and now, rob, you're going to try and go out there and raise whatever you're going to be able to raise, you know, $200,000 or $300,000 to put out ads that say exactly the same things that the democrats are going to say against our republican candidate and that's already been said. you know what? it's been done, and donald trump got 62%, 63% of the vote in new york. if he came into california and
11:36 pm
contested cruz, he'd get 60%. the polls said 54% to 20%. that's 34%. the last time you and i talked on this show, you said that those polls were -- >> okay. >> now we have a presumptive nominee. >> i want to raise -- >> eric, eric. >> the fallacy of these numbers is those are of republicans. >> hold that. i have to interrupt. you get a right of reply, rob. >> thank you. what jim's candidate has to start to demonstrate is how he's going to be the nominee that can unite a party. what you tiply here out of trump is what you see out of jim tonight which is chest thumbing about winning this great prize of the republican nom nis, which he very well may be on his way too. but eric has already outlined the problem with the numbers once you get outside the republican priernl. not only does he not have any appeal, we see these horrifically high negatives with general election voters, but there is a sector of republican voters, about 20% who out of principle don't want to vote for donald trump. he's not a conservative.
11:37 pm
they're not willing to just go along blindly with a nominee that does not stand upon any type of conservative principles. >> look, it doesn't matter. first of all, his -- >> well, it does matter. how does trump -- what does trump have to say to conservatives? >> read "crippled america." his tax plan is a reaganesque tax plan that is supported by larry custody low. he supports the type of reductions in spending. he supports a strong military. but let me tell you something. there's a rasmussen poll that just came out -- >> he's an isolationist. >> you never want to let me talk. donald trump is leading hillary clinton 41-39 nationally in the rasmussen poll. so do you guys want to tell me that's not -- >> all right. >> rob, you told me that a poll where i said -- >> i'm going to call time. i'm calling time between you two. i'm bringing in eric. you're both going to have to
11:38 pm
stand in the corner at the end of this. i want you bring into that point, that rasmussen poll and also your voiced opposition to trump and talking about building a wall. >> so, look, here's the reality. this is my favorite part of the republican election this year, okay, because after mitt romney lost and the republican party spent $13.5 million doing a study to figure out why they lost, the three biggest things they were told was to tone down their retd rick, stop bashing immigrants and stop bashing gays. so reince priebus tries to do that. trump comes in and says we've got to build a wall because they're rapists and drug addicts and murderers. then ted cruz takes them, a 30 foot wall is not high enough. i called on governor ball and said let's build a wall around california. let's protect california from his negative campaigning. while we're at it, we'll create thousands of good union jobs to build that wall. >> with that, you'll join us an hour from now.
11:39 pm
thank you. we appreciate you being with us. we'll take a quick break. the republican race may not come down to california, but some democrats, they hope their race could. hear how bernie sanders plans to win over golden state voters.
11:40 pm
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11:43 pm
other. that's a bit of a kumbaya moment from donald trump during his victory speech. joining us, dave jacobson. >> also john thomas, a republican consultant and founder of thomas partner strategies. good to have you with us on a night like this. john, to you first. it's trump's. >> it is. but tonight i'm more thinking about three letters, abc. anyone but clinton. >> or cruz. >> i like that better. >> that's what keeps me up, keeps me going is we've got to defeat hillary. it was good for the party that tonight cruz dropped out. we have a lot of uniting to do and we need time to do it. >> can we do it? >> i think we can. tonight you saw some of the party leaders struggling with that. we're going to get in line because i think the big boogieman we all agree is hillary clinton cannot be president. what i found fascinating was the tweet donald trump spit out just minutes before cruz dropped out of the race calling him lyin'
11:44 pm
ted again. then you saw this enormous shift, trying to be more presidential with this sort of unity narrative. you didn't hear lyin' ted in that speech. >> the republican party is setting their hair on fire right now. they're running around. there's this message from mitt romney, the 2012 nominee. he said thanks to ted for making a fight for conservative iism, american leadership, and freedom. he couldn't even mention trump's name like it's voldemort's or something. there's a long way to go before he wins these people over. >> i think mitt is probably on the third or fourth stage of grief, not the fifth, acceptance. right now he's licking his wounds. he's trying to realize, oh, no, what are we going to do. i think he'll get in line. i think the rest of the leadership will. >> i don't want to rain on your kumbaya parade, but there are significant areas where trump deviates from republican orthodoxy. there are potential problems
11:45 pm
down the road here. >> no, there are. he's going to tack not just to the center. he's going to tack more to the left. that actually bodes well getting those moderate independent swing voters, but it's tough on the party. i think what he's going to have to do is focus on hillary clinton and remind them that he's the only one who could beat her. that's how you bring them together. also get leaders like romney, if they'll come on board. get them to come on his team. he's starting to show that tonight. we saw he was saying, look, we're a big tent. he was very calm, in control. he's a uniter. i think it will happen, isha. it just won't happen overnight. >> so the kasich campaign not giving up. the campaign manager tweeted this out. appreciate reince and his hard work for the gop, but until someone has 1,237 bound delegates, there is no presumptive nominee. california, here we come. i mean, as you look at this from the democratic side, this is like the charge of the light brigade, isn't it? damn the torpedos. >> the reality is this guy has become the ron paul of the 2016
11:46 pm
campaign, and they may have to change the platform or the rules at the convention to prevent, you know, john kasich from being even relevant at this point. >> it's purely fantasy land. i'm not sure why. look, i think marco rubio still has more delegates, and marco dropped out. john kasich can go on. he's got a very lean and mean campaign. he doesn't need campaign contributions. he doesn't run television ads. so he's going to go to the convention but we're going to see if he doesn't drop out soon, he'll become a laughingstock. >> dave, to you, on the democratic side of things, bernie sanders staying in the race, keeping his eye on california. take a listen to what he had to say. >> california california is an outrageously expensive state in terms of media. you're right. and clearly we're not going to be spending $100 million or whatever it takes on media in california. so we have to decide the best way to allocate our resources. i think that what the focus of our campaign will be, actually what it has been up to now. that is we're going to do a whole lot of rallies. we're going to go to california, and when we go to california, you're going to see very large rallies up and down that
11:47 pm
beautiful state. >> large rallies, all well and good. but the math is against him. >> it hasn't translated to catching up in terms of hillary clinton's lead. she's 92% of the way to the 2383 delegate number. 199 delegates to clinching the nomination essentially. look, there's no doubt this was a major vindication for his message, right? he's got a message that's resonating. people are angry about the economy, about income inequality. and his message appeals to them clearly. there's no doubt about that. he's poised to do well in some of these other states moving forward. we've got west virginia coming up next week. it's an electorate that sort of fits his base, a white sort of independent electorate that hillary clinton frankly did well in in 2008. his challenge is he's winning these states late in the game, much like hillary clinton did in 2008, but she was never able to catch up to barack obama. he has that same challenge. >> you guys are campaign strategis strategists. this was an awful week for ted cruz. everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
11:48 pm
it finished on this awful note when he was giving this concession speech. he went to hug his father, i think, and his wife, look at this, she caught an elbow in the face. when you've got a candidate who had this many fumbles in one week, how do you feel? >> it wasn't meant to be. we knew this thing was over after new york. tonight was the final night, and that was not a way to go out. >> it was emblematic of what happened the other day. carly fiorina fell off the stage and ted cruz just kept talking as if it didn't even happen. >> donald trump would have picked her up for the record. >> talk to you guys next hour. >> thanks. again, a short break. ted cruz has been called everything from lyin' ted to lucifer in the flesh. let's face it. he's had a rough couple of days. >> man, everybody hates ted cruz. even o.j. simpson said, that guy is just hard to like. but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics.
11:49 pm
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11:53 pm
primary. a solid victory for donald trump with 53% of the vote and a crushing defeat for ted cruz with a little more than 36%. he has suspended his bid for the white house. john kasich far behind as you see there at 7%. >> and still in the race. the magic number of delegates to clinch the nomination is 1,237. trump is just 184 delegates away. and bernie sanders says he's got a bit of mojo back after winning indiana's democratic primary, picking up 43 new delegates. >> but he's still way behind in the total count. clinton has 2,217. sanders, 1,143. the magic number, 2,383 are needed to win the democratic nomination. well, ted cruz spent the past week doing just about anything he could to stop donald trump's momentum on the campaign trail. >> but it was a week when it seems everything went wrong, starting with the collapse of his alliance with john kasich, which was over before it even began. >> i recognize that the media is
11:54 pm
all eager to talk about an alliance. there is no alliance. john kasich made the decision in his own political self-interest to withdraw from indiana. but he has no path to winning, and john kasich has pulled out. he's withdrawn from the state of indiana. >> it's such a con job. i love seeing it. it's like a total con. so now what happens, he's losing badly. so he forms this alliance with kasich, you know, the man that eats like with the large bites. did you ever -- news conference. where do you want your news conference? around my table as i stuff pancakes down my throat. >> america is a better country. >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out i have treated you respectfully the entire time. a question everyone here should ask. >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? >> everybody hates ted cruz. even o.j. simpson said, "that
11:55 pm
guy is just hard to like." this is true. this is true. you know, there's a joke going around the internet that ted cruz is actually the zodiac killer. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ]. >> the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! where did she go? where did she go? she vanished instantly. it's almost as if there's some sort of demonic power about saying the phrase "the next president of the united states, ted cruz." oh!
11:56 pm
>> oh, dear. that was a rough week. as we just said, he elbowed his wife in the face. >> he elbowed his wife in the head as well accidentally, we should say. as he said, he gave it his all, left nothing on the field. >> indeed. he needs a couple of adays away. thank you for watching. i'm isha se shea live in los angeles. >> our coverage of the indiana primary and the 2016 presidential race continues after this. you're watching cnn. hey, we're opening up a second shop
11:57 pm
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12:00 am
hello, everybody. you're watching cnn's election coverage. i'm john vause live in los angeles. >> i'm isha sesay. hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> indiana delivers the final blow to ted cruz's campaign and donald trump is now the presumptive republican presidential nominee. >> it's a decisive victory for trump with 53% of the vote. a bitter disappointment for cruz, who campaigned hard but got only 36%. john kasich is in distant third at 7%. >> trump needs 1,237 delegates


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